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There are animals all over the world in need of help. Our craving for pets, constant over breeding in zoos, illegal smuggling of exotic animals, animal testing of cosmetics and other products all contribute to significantly increasing numbers of animals in need.

In collaboration with the Dutch Rescue Center AAP, Odsherred Zoo Rescue is the first rescue zoo for exotic animals in Denmark. It houses 600 animals from over 100 different species each requiring extra special care. The entry fee to visit the zoo doesn’t provide nearly enough money to give the animals the level of care they require, this is why the rescue zoo relies so heavily on donations.

Anything from 5 Dollars to 500 Dollars will help Odsherred Zoo Rescue provide the right type of care that the animals deserve. Especially after the difficult life’s they had before finally finding a loving home in the rescue zoo.

Click on the button below to be taken to the donations page on Tiltify, and show your support for the animals in rescue zoo.

The Orphaned Gibbon Looking For Love - Cute As Fluff S3 E7

Barcroft Animals - 24th October 2017

Carlos the Gibbon nearly died when he was young, his mother hada breast infection and was unable to feed him. Joan Thygesen and Jorgen Ankergren came to his recsue and hand reared Carlos in Odsherred Zoo Rescue where he was born and still lives.
View on YouTube here.

Zoo Owning Millennial Needs Your Help

Right This Minute - 30th October 2017

Though originally wanting to become a games designer, Nikolai Ankergren now lives and works with his mother in Osherred Zoo Rescue. Nikolai now looks to combine his dreams and skills with video games design with his desire to help the rescue zoo!
View full article here.

I'm 24 And I Own A Zoo

Barcroft Animals - 29th August 2017

Since his father unfortunately passed away, 24-year-old Nikolai Ankergren moved back to Odsherred Zoo Rescue to help his mother care for over 600 animals.
View on YouTube here.


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